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Magic Poo – Prank Poo Putty


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Nothing says practical joke like a giant fake poo. But leaving an actual poo in someone’s shoe, is really kak and might be taking things a bit too far. But fake poo on the other hand is fair play, and sure to get some serious laughs. Become the ultimate prankster! Make someone’s day by leaving this on their chair, desk or floor. Plus – when the tension of the day gets too much – give it a squeeze to ease your stress. Loads of fecal fun to be had!


  • Squidgy fake poo
  • Relieve stress and play disgusting tricks
  • It’s soft. It’s hard. It shatters. It melts
  • This poo is magic
  • Makes a great gift

Or do it Yourself: Make Your Own Fake Poo

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