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iPhone® 4/4S Custom Cover – Interactive Logo


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Protect and personalise your iPhone 4 with these funky Custom Covers! Simply attach the form-fitting transparent case to your handset and slide in the designs to create a different look for your mobile in seconds!

While there’s no doubt that the iPhone 4 has got it going on in the design stakes, these customised case covers are a fantastic way to make it a little more unique whenever the mood takes you. Create a whole new, completely changeable look whenever you fancy.

Plus, as an added cool twist, each image in the Logo Interaction range incorporates the Apple logo on your phone! There’s a little girl flying an ‘apple’ balloon, a football player kicking an ‘apple’ ball, a hip yin and yang symbol (yes, you guessed it, one of the dots is the apple!), a ninja appearing to slice the apple logo in half and a rather cheeky ‘I heart your mum’ message – with the place of the heart taken by the apple of course!


  • 4 funky custom covers
  • Protects and personalises your phone
  • Incorporates the Apple logo on your iPhone

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